This site provides practice exams to help college students prepare for an introductory-level accounting exams.  The practice exams are interactive and will provide each student, based on exam preparation, a different experience. 

The practice exams are more like learning assessments.  You will be able to practice on actual past exam questions/problems, and check your answers immediately by clicking a "check button."  If your answer is incorrect, you will be able to try again.  However, you will be provided with additional information to help you learn from your incorrect responses.

Having taught beginning accounting classes for the past 18 years, I have included additional information to help you avoid some of the classic mistakes made by beginning accounting students that I have seen over the years.  Overall, these practice exams, along with the valuable insights, should help you feel confident about going into a introductory-level accounting exam.

Thank you for signing up for Colter Accounting Test Prep and I look forward to your feedback!

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Prof. Norman H. Colter

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    Here is sample of the questions and problems available for chapter 5 test materials.

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